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Background Information on the Community President Mrs Froso Avgousti

Born in the village of Dikomo of the Keryneia District in 1956, Froso Avgousti has resided in the Housing of Anthoupolis since 1977. She is married to Costas Avgousti and is a mother of three children.

She has graduated from C.D.A. College where she studied Technical Education and Fashion Design. Moreover, she has attended courses on dress pattern making, grading and magnification at the Cyprus Productivity Centre, while she has worked in the private sector as a fashion designer for thirty years.

In 2006, she was, for the first time, elected to serve a five-year reign as a member of the Community Council of the Housing of Anthoupolis, while she also held the position of the Anthoupolis School Inspectorate’s Secretary.

As a member of the Community Council, she has attended a seminar held in the Czech Republic on Refuse Management, where she represented the Community Council of the Housing of Anthoupolis.

At the Community Elections in December 2011, she was elected President of the Community and President of the School Inspectorate of Anthoupolis. She is also a member of the Nicosia Water Board, where she represents the community.

Goals and aspirations:

  1. To intensify our efforts and contacts with the competent Ministers so that the issue of the creation of mini football pitches for the youth will be promoted.
  2. To try and create a united football club for the Housing of Anthoupolis.
  3. To re-establish the infant home at the Housing.
  4. To create a Health Care Centre which will replace the Elderly Persons’ Home, the operation of which has already been terminated.
  5. To reconstruct the Infirmary building which has been deemed as unsuitable.
  6. To plant trees in greenery areas, parks and schools.
  7. To establish a systematic cleaning of the Housing areas.
  8. To cooperate both with the Minister of Justice and the police in order to expand the institution of the neighbourhood’s police officer.
  9. To complete the asphalting of all roads.
  10. To construct three more blocks of flat for young couples.
  11. To construct the Community Buildings which we have been promised for years.
  12. To restructure the rainwater channels.
  13. To establish a fairer taxation.
  14. To culturally develop the Housing through various events (theatre performances, lectures etc.)    
 January 2021

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