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The Housing of Anthoupoli

The housing of Anthoupoli is a community which was created to house refugees from the Turkish invasion. It is only 10 Km away from the capital city of Lefkosia and it is situated near a main road artery, something which particularly facilitates the residents of the area.

The construction of the housing was completed in two stages, the first one in 1976 and the second one in 1980. Since then, the housing has changed since many beautification projects have been completed. The housing was inhabited by refugees from approximately 90 occupied villages. Although this new home has become part of their lives through all these years, the wounds from been forced to abandon their homes will never heal and the wish to return will forever be alive.

The housing consists of block of flats, as well as ground and two floor residences, which all together, as Karouzis remarks, created a “small town built with strict town planning and architectural designs”. Although the houses and the blocks of flats are almost identical, the blooming gardens and multicoloured flower pots in the yards and balconies give a distinctive style, a special character. It must be noted that the old blocks of flats had three floors, whereas the new ones have four floors and an elevator.  

According to the inventory of 2001, Anthoupoli has 2487 residents. Many of them work in the capital city of Lefkosia, since the housing is only 10 Km away from heart of the city. However, there are some employment opportunities, although limited, within the housing.

In the heart of the housing there is a shopping centre with a grocery store, a coffee shop, butcheries and other stores. Additionally, on every Sunday, from 6 am until 2 pm, there is a large Open Street Market. The Community Council offices are housed in the centre of the community, at the shopping centre. The large church is dedicated to Metamorphosis Sotiros. There is also a small chapel dedicated to Agia Eirini Chrysovalanto.  

It is worth mentioning that the State Home for the Elderly Persons, which offers services of institutional nature to elderly persons and people with disabilities, is located in Anthoupoli.

Additionally, the new COOP of Lakatameia maintains a branch which serves the residents of the housing.

A few years after the invasion, since 1981 in particular, a Primary School and a Gymansium have been operating. Moreover, there is a Community Nursery School which is located between the Church of Metamorphosis Sotiros and the Chapel of Agia Eirini Chrysovalanto, which are the two churches of the housing. More:Education

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the housing has been under reconstruction in the last seven years. In particular, the old blocks of flats are being demolished and new ones are being built in their place. Moreover, the shopping centre and some residences, except those ones which were considered inappropriate, have been repaired. The latter have not been repaired, but they have been demolished and rebuilt.

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Anthoupoli Community Council
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